Hi! I’m Èric, a game developer that loves creating games!

Hi! I’m Èric, a videogame developer, currently working as an Animation and Gameplay Programmer.
As a kid I fell in love with the Saga of Kingdom Hearts and Metal Gear Solid. When I played those games I knew that I wanted to make videogames!

I’m focusing on the most technical part of the game development as gameplay programmer, allowing me to portray the ideas of the game to something that the player can experience and enjoy while playing.

I’m eager to learn new things and rising technologies that can give me new challenges, while always delivering great games!

In Gothic 1 Remake, the Kingdom of Myrtana has been invaded by an implacable horde of orcs. King Rhobar II, in need of a large quantity of magical ore in order to forge powerful weapons, operates the Khorinis mines with all available prisoners.

Personal Projects

Dynamic Parkour System – 2021

Team Size: 1
Role: Locomotion / Gameplay Programmer

Dynamic Parkour System is a FREE plugin for Unity that allows anyone to import any model and have an already working controller with parkour capabilities like in Assassin’s Creed and Uncharted games. This package is fully customizable with its own Character Controller, being really easy to configure and fast to use. It has the possibility to choose between some already build-in Parkour Actions.

I developed several systems such as the IK System to position the limbs of the player in the according surfaces, Vaulting System to detect obstacles and surpass them, Predicted Jumping System that looks for targets to land and perform an autoajustable jump, and the Climbing System that allows the player to climb all type of surfaces through ledges.

The Witcher: Ties of Destiny – 2020

Team Size: 29
Role: Engine / Gameplay Programmer, VFX Lead, QA Tester

The Witcher: Ties of Destiny is a 2 Player Coop Hack n Slash game, based on The Witcher Series, where you will play as Geralt and Jaskier to defeat all enemies that dare to face you. Developed by Broken Gem Studios with our own OpenGL Game Engine coded from scratch in C++.

I was in charge of implementing the Physics in the Engine while creating some tools needed for the game programmers. Also, I managed the VFX team creating all particles needed for the game, making some by my own for the enemies, bosses, characters, and environment. As gameplay programmer, I coded in Lua the breakable props and droppable chests, the final credits scene and done several QA test sessions during the development of the game.

Arctic Brawl – 2020

Team Size: 4
Role: Gameplay / Network Programmer, Game Designer

Arctic Brawl is an online multiplayer 2D shooting-platformer game from 2 to 4 players. The players will have to kill each other on every round until one gets victorious

I was in charge of designing the main idea of the game and main mechanics, while programming the network side with PUN2 library in Unity. I developed the gunplay mechanic and all multiplayer events to sync through all clients.

Mercury Engine – 2019

Team Size: 2
Role: Engine Programmer, UI Designer

Mercury Engine is a 3D Game Engine fully developed by 2 students in 4 months from scratch, with OpenGL, C++ and other libraries such as SDL, DeviL, Assimp, and ImGui. The Engine allows to import 3D models with the resource manager, modify the transforms, assign textures to the mesh, camera culling the AABBs of the models, store the 3D scene created, thanks to the file system and an animation subsystem to play animations on rigged models.

I was the lead programmer, I worked on the drag and drop with the resource manager to import the models, hierarchy, debuging tools, space partitioning, camera culling, profiling, UI and most of the animation subsystem.

Police Station Simulator – 2019

Team Size: 2
Role: Game Designer, Gameplay Programmer

Police Station Simulator is a simulation of God Game developed with Unity, where you will have to order your patrols and make them work to ensure the safety of the citizens, by investigating cases and arresting the criminals. But be careful, at night, some of them will try to escape. You will have to manage your station and help your officers to accomplish their duty.

I was the lead designer and lead programmer, I designed and programmed the whole game, its mechanics, environment scripting and characters AI and its behaviours.

Cursed Heaven – 2019

Team Size: 5
Role: Gameplay Programmer

Cursed Heaven is an Isometric dungeon crawler game made with our own custom 2D Engine made with SDL2 and C++. The player will be able to choose between two different heroes, to face this challenging adventure around the realm of the floating islands. Explore, fight, collect items, build your character… There’s a lot to do in Cursed Heaven!

As Gameplay Programmer I worked on the the AI of some enemies and its behaviours, the Final Boss of the game and its particles. In the other side I also implemented some subsystems in the engine for the rendering, optimizations and audio system.

Tails Odyssey – 2018

Team Size: 2
Role: Game Designer, Gameplay / UI Programmer

Tails Odyssey is  a 2D platformer game developed by my own 2D Engine in C++ and SDL2. We used Tiled Map Editor to create the levels of the game, with an own UI system to display custom windows.

I was the Lead Programmer and programmed fully the 2D Engine with all the sybsystems like, UI system, physics and collisions, Save/Load in XML files and more… For the game I programmed the AI and behaviors of the enemies, the player mechanics and movement, items and UI menus.

X Multiply – 2018

Team Size: 5
Role: Gameplay Programmer

X Multiply is a 2D side-scroller shooter game, and tribute of the original arcade game, fully developed with SDL2 and C++. The player will control a spaceship where he has to go through different levels and defeat the hoards of enemies. Destroy them with upgraded weapons and abilities until you defeat all of them and end victorious.

I was the Lead Programmer and worked fully on the ship, programming the movement and all the abilities and the great recreation of the tentacles skill.

Other Projects

Dark Myth

Dark Myth

Level Design of Dark Myth Level developed in Unreal Engine 4


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